Replacement Windows With Different Styles

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Replacement Windows With Different Styles

replacement window in Mission Viejo, CA

When you are going to get replacement windows in Mission Viejo, CA, there are tons of decisions to make. Since the windows are going into your home, you deserve to get everything you need from start to finish. One of the things that will make the biggest differences in both appearance and functionality is the style you choose. There are plenty of popular style options to consider. Here are some such options.

Double Hung

Double hung is one of the most popular options on the market. These windows have two separate panes that slide up and down. You can slide the bottom one up or the top one down. These windows also work well for cleaning since you can tilt them into your home and clean the exterior from inside the house. Double hung windows are classics that won’t go out of style. They look good with pretty much any home style and are nicely efficient.


Casement windows are another hugely popular choice to make. These windows have only one pane that swings out and away from the house. They are great for ventilation and can catch the breeze and fresh air and bring it into the home. You want to make sure the windows aren’t in the way when you swing them out, but otherwise, they can bring in more light and more fresh air, which is huge for any home. These windows are the most efficient on the market because when they are closed, they blow tighter against the house, creating an even better seal against the elements.


Picture windows are something you might like to have one or two of in your home. They don’t open and close, which makes them the most efficient option of all, but they do let in lots of natural light and the view you have outside your home. You might want to put operational windows around the picture windows to ventilate the home as something to consider.


Garden windows are like boxes that pop out of the house to allow light into the house. You can place plants in the window and they will more likely grow nicely through getting that natural light and soaking it all in. You can also use the windows as a way to get natural light into the home and simply enjoy that extra space for storage.

Slidingreplacement windows in Mission Viejo, CA

Sliding windows are like double hung windows on their sides. The slide from side to side and work well in places where you don’t have a lot of height, but have plenty of width. They work well in basements, up high on the wall above a bathtub in the bathroom, and in many other locations.

Bay or Bow

Bay and bow windows add elegance and style to any house. They bring in more light, add architectural interest, and even make the room of your house larger. They can help you to add value to your home as well as a certain aesthetic to the replacement windows in Mission Viejo, CA overall.

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