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Though our windows are not “soundproof” our noise reduction glass packages can help you achieve excellent sound control.

Sound Control Windows

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Whether it's the scream of a fire truck passing by, or the drone of a neighbor’s barking dog, the overall comfort of
your home is impacted.

As a manufacturer of windows, we can't keep all the sounds outside your home from getting in. But windows are the best way to greatly reduce sound without major structural changes to the home. That’s because poor performing windows are usually the worst culprit when it comes to exterior noises making their way into your home.

Simply put, sound originates from something making vibrations. These vibrations spread out in all directions - much like the ripples created when a stone is dropped in still water. Your ears register these air pressure changes as sound - the larger the wave, the louder the sound. The closer together the waves are, the higher the pitch of the sound.

Windows, doors, walls, fences and other structural elements of a home act as barriers to exterior sounds, by disrupting these 'waves' on their way to your ears.

Our noise reduction glass packages are an available option for most of our windows. This means you can have some of the best sound control options available in residential windows for your home. After all, you deserve the best!

STC Ratings Explained

Sound Transmission Class (STC) measured in decibels, is an average value associated with a material’s effectiveness in reducing sound. An STC rating is a quick reference number for the entire frequency band, and primarily measures interior noises at levels most common to human speech (500Hz-2,000Hz). The higher the value, the greater the reduction of sound.
Usually when sound control is the focus a specific STC requirement is the target. Using our STC rating chart, identify the noise sources you most frequently hear in your home, then choose the type of window necessary to reduce those noise types.

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