Just Like a Good Pair of Pants

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February 9, 2017
Vinyl Windows: Fit or Retrofit
May 2, 2017

Just Like a Good Pair of Pants

Way back in the day (and how old you are depends on what “day” that was), you didn’t have much of an option other than a hot iron after you washed a pair or trousers and a shirt. Then along came “wash and wear” and “wrinkle free” and suddenly you could look good without having to press your slacks (or risk burning yourself). Not to mention, these brands cost less!

Go figure! A similar thing happened with windows: the only game in town was a standard wood framed window. Fair enough, wood windows were stylish, but over time the wood could crack, warp or split and then you had to be prepared to re-stain every few years or re-caulk/re-seal. Then, along came the vinyl window and suddenly, homeowners had an option for something economical, durable and stylish.

You’ll Wear it Well

When you’re searching for vinyl windows in Lake Forest, CA, look no further than California Window and Solar. We’ll treat you right! Replacement vinyl windows will not only add years to the longevity of your home at an affordable cost, but your house will wear the windows well. In fact, vinyl windows will prove to be such a seamless addition to your home, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t make the change a whole lot earlier.


Vinyl windows in Lake Forest, CA can help significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. Vinyl PVC technology keeps the cool air in and the heat out. Secure seals and professional installation add up to a melodic Ka-Ching, which means money in your pocket. Speaking of savings, don’t forget that the handiwork and materials used in your vinyl windows are under warranty for the life of your home!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Thanks to PVC plastics technology, vinyl windows are extremely durable and long lasting. They are easy to customized and install. You can choose from a wide variety of styles to find something that suits your home!

California W & S offers high quality vinyl windows from some of the top names in the industry like Milgard, Ply Gem, and Norman Shutters & Blinds. And what’s more, our windows and doors are designed for temperate climates of Orange County, CA. So you can be sure our windows and installation are suitable for your home.

Wear and Tear, Baby

In the same way, wash-and-wear slacks revolutionized the garment industry, vinyl windows Fountain Valley, CA are having an effect on homes. Vinyl windows compliment your style and your housing needs with cutting edge technology and savings that will stay with you for the as long as you own your home!

California Window and Solar is conveniently located at 2915 Red Hill Ave Ste B104 Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Our showroom hours are Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturdays from 9-3. Better yet, why not schedule a free in-home estimate! Outside of Costa Mesa, call us toll-free at 1-949-284-7483 or locally, just dial (949) 284-7483. It’s that simple! Stop by, give a call, or shoot us an email!

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