Vinyl Windows: Fit or Retrofit

Replacement Vinyl Windows: A Change Who’s Time has Come
April 4, 2017
Windows: Your View to a Thrill
May 2, 2017

Vinyl Windows: Fit or Retrofit

You are to be commended if you’re considering upgrading the windows in your Mission Viejo, CA home with replacement vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are no doubt sturdier than what you presently have and in the long run it can mean an increase in the energy efficiency of your house. Another cost-saving measure, in addition to contacting the fine folks at California Window and Solar, is to retrofit the windows in your home.

So what does it mean to retrofit your windows? Basically, you use your existing, aluminum or metal frames. In this case, as you are opting for vinyl windows Mission Viejo, CA, you would install them within the existing frame. When you retrofit, you are conserving materials and you can still upgrade your windows.

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Whether or not this is a step you can realize with your vinyl window upgrade is a decision for you and the professionals at California Window and Solar.

A decision to retrofit your windows could result in savings both economical and energy-wise. Other tangible benefits include the elimination of condensation, reduction of outside noise and protection again harmful UV rays which can put the smack-down on your furniture and carpets. Whether you reside in Mission Viejo, CA or elsewhere in Orange County vinyl windows upgrade could be just the thing for your home.

Replacement Criteria

You don’t have to be an installation technician to understand the condition of your windows. Some things are just common sense. For example, the window should open and close easily. The panes of glass obviously should not be cracked or warped there should not be condensation between the panes. And if you are feeling air flow that is a dead give-away.

It Pays to Save (Energy)

Whether you retrofit your windows or not decision for the near future, but upgrading your home with replacement vinyl windows could start saving you money right now. The government agency Energy Star points out that “The average homeowner can save $27 per year by upgrading to new windows, or up to $465 a year if you currently have single-pane windows and replace them.” Talk to your California Window and Solar representative to see what the most cost-efficient windows are for your home

Welcome to the Family

When you work with us you don’t just receive great service you get a connection that lasts. We don’t just install and disappear. We want to know that our workmanship, like our windows, will stand the test of time.

Read also: Replacement Vinyl Windows: A Change Who’s Time has Come

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