Energy Efficiency In Window Replacements

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Energy Efficiency In Window Replacements

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If there’s one thing that is important to get in your replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, it’s energy efficiency. You are going to want to make that a priority as one of the reasons people get new windows in the first place is because their old windows were failing in that way. There are lots of ways you can go about getting energy efficient window replacements. Here are a few to consider are you look over the options for your home.


Double Or Even Triple Pane Glass

Windows used to come with single pane glass. Today, everyone knows that’s not very efficient. Single pane glass does very little to block air from flowing through the glass and into your home. Air leaks are huge in windows with just one pane. Standard windows for homes today come with double pane glass, which will make a huge difference in any home if you have single pane glass now. You can also upgrade to triple pane glass, which is even better. With double pane glass, you get an extra pane of glass, but also a space between the panes of glass. Triple pane adds a third pane of glass and a second space, making things even more insulated and efficient.


Low-E Glass Blocks Heat

If you have the money to add an upgrade over the standard glass options, you will want to consider low-E coatings for their extra efficiency. This thin, metallic coating isn’t something you see, but you will feel the difference. You might want natural light to come into your home, but that makes it too hot at the same time. Low-E glass can block the heat of the sun so you can get the light you want into the home, but block the heat that usually comes with it. You also block UV rays, which is an added bonus since the things in your home won’t fade any longer.


Inert Gas Keeps Air From Flowing

Standard double pane glass is going to come with an air filling between those panes, which does help to insulate the home. But if you have inert gas placed in that space instead, you can have further insulation and efficiency. Inert gas is denser than air and will keep airflow between the panes of glass and into and out of your home at an absolute minimum.

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Window Ratings Say It All

If you are looking for windows that have the highest levels of efficiency, you need to learn how to read ratings labels to make the most from the project. The ratings will show you how efficient the windows are and you can then compare them to one another and put together the options you need and want for your home.

It’s hard to figure out energy efficiency in replacement windows in Anaheim, CA if you aren’t an expert on windows, but the professionals at California Window & Solar are here to lend you any expertise you need so you can get what you need for your home.

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