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Do you have a need for replacement windows in Anaheim? If so, you might be trying to figure out where to start. Knowing where to start when replacing the windows in your home is one of the most important aspects, and it can be crucial to determining whether you end up with the kind of windows that you truly want and need, or regret your decision.

Take a moment to consider some of the aspects of replacement windows so that you will be able to refine your search and, at the right time, choose the ideal company for those new windows.

Starting points … price.

Let’s be clear about one thing right from the start: living in Southern California, you know what it means to demand excellence. We live in the best place on the entire planet to live. The sun shines almost every single day throughout the year, we don’t have to worry about snow during the winter, and if you love to surf, it’s something that you can do just about all year long, with the right equipment and wetsuit, that is.

Living out here in Anaheim, you want your home to be the best that it can be. You want to know that you have the highest quality parts, furniture, and appliances for your entire home. Especially with the rising cost of oil and electricity these days, making sure that you buy energy efficient products is a crucial step in having a great home.

So why is it that so many homeowners throughout Anaheim, when it comes to replacement windows, think that they are a ‘necessary’ evil, that they should go out and focus on saving as much money for their new replacement windows?

After all, would you be willing to spend $2,000 or even more for a new, stainless steel refrigerator? You very well might be, even though you could easily get a decent, basic white one for a third of the price. What is it about the stainless steel appliance that is worth the investment?

Maybe it’s roomier. Maybe it looks better. Maybe it has more features that you enjoy. Do you use the external water or ice feature? Most likely you do, but there are plenty of white or black models that are half the price. So why choose that particular kind (and if you don’t have stainless steel, that’s fine … it’s just to highlight something that is far too common among homeowners in Anaheim and all of Southern California)?

You choose those features because it makes your home look nicer. It makes the kitchen appear cleaner, more professional, even more sterile. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Yet when the average homeowner in Orange County begins to search for replacement windows, it’s amazing because too many of them focus on saving as much money as they can from the very start.

Yes, replacing the windows in your home is going to be expensive. There’s no way around that, but at some point in time, you’re going to have to face the reality that you simply can’t avoid it.

That doesn’t mean that you should try to go after the cheapest windows. What happens when you focus on price as the starting point in your search for new windows for your home? You will end up with low quality windows that don’t do your home justice and won’t help your save money over the long-term aspects of owning a home.

What you get when you focus on price first when it comes to replacement windows.

There are so many different manufacturers, brands, models, and much more to choose from when it comes to new windows for your home. There are high end, triple glaze windows that are heavy, expensive, but can provide incredible noise reduction characteristics and make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Then you have the low end, entry level style windows. Some of these are from manufacturing companies that you might recognize. You’ll find these windows at your local home improvement mega store. Why are they considered entry level? They’re basic. They are most likely vinyl and thin glass. They may or may not be sealed with argon or krypton gas, and they are the first choice of new home builders.

That should tell you a lot right there about these types of windows. New home builders are in the business of making as much as they can with every single home that they build. They know that most homeowners, especially new homebuyers, are not going to pay that much attention to the quality of the windows when they’re searching for their next home to purchase.

They’ll see brand new everything, and they likely won’t think much about those windows. As long as they last five years, the builder doesn’t care what else happens.

So why would these mega stores sell them? Because they get you in the door with their low prices. You are made to think that those windows are ideal for your home, that you don’t need anything better. The salespeople just neglect to tell you that those windows won’t help much with energy efficiency and they won’t do anything to improve the value of your home.

So when you’re focused on price as the starting point for replacement windows for your home, you’re going to immediately limit your choices. When you limit your choices, you’ll find that getting the quality of results that you want (or that you deserve) will be limited. Unfortunately, too many homeowners don’t realize that they made a mistake until a year or two after they purchased their new windows, when the condition of those new windows no longer appears as good, when the salt air of the ocean or the sun’s power has pitted them or faded the finish.

Focus on design and function first.

So when you’re looking for replacement windows for your Anaheim home, focus on the design, functionality, and quality first and foremost. It’s an investment … treat it as such.

When you want to learn more, contact California Window & Solar. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your home, your budget, and your family.


Replacement Windows & Doors FAQs

What are the Common Signs that Indicate the Need for Replacement Windows?

Some of these indicators are drafts, higher energy bills, windows that are hard to open/close, condensation between panes of glass, or obvious damages like cracks or rot. It is essential that you know the signs of having faulty windows and if you notice any of these signs, it’s time for replacement of the windows.

Are There Any Energy-Efficient Window Options Suitable for the Anaheim, CA Climate?

Of course, it is possible to purchase energy-efficient window which have been specifically produced for the purpose of adapting to climate conditions in Southern California. Ensure that you only buy windows with the lowest e-coatings, insulated edges, and is energy-star certified.

Is a Permit Required for Window Replacement in Anaheim, CA?

Consequently, replacing windows in Anaheim, CA is subject to Section 310 of the 2022 California Residential Code and Section 1030 of the 2022 California Building Code, hence requiring a permit.


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