Vinyl windows in Sonoma, CA

Vinyl Windows and Your Home
August 1, 2017
Sonoma, CA: Do Homes Need Replacement Windows?
September 11, 2017

Vinyl windows in Sonoma, CA

Isn’t vinyl the material used in plumbing fixtures? And you want me to use vinyl for my windows? Welcome to the 21st century! Vinyl windows are all the rage, but what exactly makes vinyl windows so special? Good thing to ask! The type of vinyl used in windows has a direct effect on the performance and longevity of the product. Vinyl windows are made out of a compound known as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. PVC can be difficult to extrude or push through dies that form the parts and pieces for the window. In order to aid in the extrusion process, plasticizers are added to make the compound more pliable. Let’s review a few items of interest before you install vinyl windows in your Sonoma, CA home:

Most manufacturers today offer an exterior window that requires little to no maintenance. Other than cleaning and inspecting joints on an annual basis, you should enjoy many years of worry-free maintenance on your windows and trim. Windows made of vinyl, fiberglass, composite material, aluminum clad wood, vinyl clad wood or all aluminum will provide you with varying degrees of low maintenance options. Most will eliminate the need to paint on a regular basis, which will save you both time and money.

Like Sunblock for your Home

Natural light from the sun produces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to both humans and home furnishings. Increased incidence of skin cancer and eye problems can be directly related to the sun. Fading of carpet, furniture, floors, and drapes is commonplace with old windows. With new glass technology, many of these problems can be drastically reduced without dramatically affecting the amount of visible light transmittance.

With the amount of airborne particles in the air today, dirty windows are commonplace. Dirty windows drastically reduce the amount of visible light transmittance. The ability to clean your windows is more important than ever. Many new features have been developed to assist in the cleaning process. Most double hung windows feature easy tilt in sashes, which allow you the ability to clean the exterior glass from the interior of your home. Some casement windows crank out and over to allow cleaning for the inside too. Others are offering exterior glass coatings that keep windows cleaner for longer periods of time.

High quality windows are built with the latest advances in technology. You can expect to get many years of trouble-free performance, low maintenance options and energy savings with quality replacement windows. Many manufacturers are now offering limited lifetime warranties.

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