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Living in Long Beach, you have a lot to be happy about, so why would you even consider replacement windows for your home? We’re going to give you just 3 simple reasons, or things to think about, and that should open up a wider array of things to think about.

You keep your curtains or blinds closed

Do you find that you have a tendency to keep the curtains and blinds in your home closed because you just don’t like the way your windows look? This is a common trait that homeowners have when they realize that their windows have been painted too many times, have a dingy or dirty appearance to them, or that they just simply ‘look’ old. They tend to keep their window coverings closed.

What could this do to the entire atmosphere of the home?

It can lead to a more depressing, less appealing home environment during the day. At night, most of the time homeowners draw those curtains and blinds down anyway, but during the day, when you could be basking in the glow of a warm sun and the natural light that it brings in, are you instead living in a darker environment?

While dirty windows can generally be cleaned (it may take a lot of elbow grease and time), there’s not much you can do for old windows that have been painted over one too many times, aside from stripping the paint off of them.

If you notice that you’re keeping your windows covered more now than you did in the past, find out why that is. It could also be related to the third reason why you might want to consider replacement windows for your home here in Long Beach.

The windows don’t open or function like they should

Living in this part of the world, we enjoy some of the best weather. We also have to contend with the salty ocean air and for those that know, it can mean corrosion of many basic hardware components.

A lot of the hardware that is found on older windows have a tendency to rust or corrode, which can lead to having more trouble opening and closing them. This can make it frustrating when you want to enjoy some nice, fresh ocean breezes coming into your home during the morning or evening hours.

When you can’t open or close your windows easily, then you likely don’t bother trying at all anymore. As a result, you’re missing out on some wonderful moments in your home, as well as some health benefits.

Fresh air from outside cleanses the home. It helps to remove some of the allergens and bacteria that hide out on the window sills, the furniture, countertops, and more. It’s the same basic concept that distinguishes a lake and a swamp. A swamp becomes a breeding ground for bacteria because the water doesn’t move. A lake enjoys constantly moving water so it is cleaner and fresher.

It’s the same for your home. When you want to enjoy cleaner, fresher air inside your home, you really need to have outside air moving through.

You may be thinking about pollen and those outdoor pollutants that can get into your home, but in reality, with screens that are intact and the right size, you can enjoy some great spring, summer, and autumn breezes blowing through your home without the burden of allergens that might be floating around outside.

However, if you can’t open your windows, or it’s too much work to force them open and closed, then you probably don’t even bother. If so, then you might want to consider replacement windows for your home.

Energy savings

This third reason why you might want to start considering replacement windows may seem a bit out of place for this part of the world. Throughout Orange County, we tend to enjoy sunshine almost every day of the year. Any time it’s going to rain, it’s a major news event.

Our winters are not tough, we don’t deal with any snow (aside from the extremely rare conditions inland), so why would we need to be concerned with energy efficient windows?

It’s because the one major expense that almost every homeowner contends with every year is their utility bills. Heating and air conditioning a home consumes, on average, about 40 percent of the monthly household expenses. Just because we don’t have to contend with harsh winters doesn’t mean that we’re not spending a lot of money on utility bills.

Running your air conditioning system around the clock during the summer will cost a lot of money, as anyone in this area will know.

How can new windows help you save money on your utility bills?

Today’s energy efficient windows are better than ever at keeping the ambient air inside the home inside the home. They cut down on drafts so that if it’s 90-degrees outside and 70 in your home, you won’t have to keep running the air conditioning nearly as often to keep your home cool when you have the right, new windows installed.

You can also choose from Low-E windows. Low-E is a film glazing that is added to windows, when you choose, that block out a high percentage of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s the UV rays (ultraviolet radiation) that heats of your home. UV rays will also cause your carpeting, furniture, and other items to fade over time.

When you block out those rays, you can still enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight filling your home during the day, taking in the wonderful views beyond your windows, and not have to constantly force the central air conditioning system to work.

These are just three reasons why you might want to start considering getting replacement windows for your home. If you find that either of these three reasons are something that you already have thought about or experienced, then call California Window & Solar today.

We can help you decide if new windows are the right decision at this time, and if so, which ones would be ideal for your home and your budget. Contact California Window  & Solar to learn more.


Replacement Windows & Doors FAQs

How Do I Maintain and Clean Replacement Windows in a Coastal Environment like Long Beach?

Salt and moisture that originate from a coastal environment do take toll on windows as well. Regularly clean your replacement windows in Long Beach using mild soap and water. Be sure to also check for salt residue from time to time.

Are There Any Specific Building Codes or Permits Required for Window Replacement in Long Beach, CA?

Indeed, per sections 310 of the 2022 California Residential Code and 1030 of the 2022 California Building Code, yes, it is required to obtain a permit for replacement of windows. For Long Beach, one should confirm with the local building department regarding particular window replacement codes and permits.

Can Replacement Windows Increase the Natural Light in My Home in Long Beach?

Yes, selecting the appropriate window type and size can highly influence the level of natural light in your house. You should think of other means such as installing bigger or extra windows so that you can make use of more natural light in your home at Long Beach, CA.


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