The Real Cost Of A Cheap Window Replacement Deal

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The Real Cost Of A Cheap Window Replacement Deal

A Cheap Window or Door Price May Cost You A Fortune

If you’re replacing windows and doors, chances are you’re planning to stick around for a while. So why choose a company that isn’t?
It’s amazing the number of calls we receive from Orange County homeowners having problems with their window or door installation, but the company that installed them is nowhere to be found. The fact is, companies focused on a cheap price instead of budgeting for details, quality workmanship and customer service, just can’t be trusted to be there when you need them. That sweet deal can leave a sour taste for years to come.

A great deal is only great if it has real value.

Beware of the “any size window for $179” or the “8 windows for $2495” deals. When you consider all the costs that go into the process—raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, installation, training, warranty, customer service and business sustainability—you see it’s impossible to sell and install a quality window or door at this price and stay in business. So what happens when they get to your home for an appointment? You guessed it! They try to upgrade you with the old “Good – Better – Best” routine and you end up spending five to ten times more than advertised! Perhaps the only thing worse is the guy who quotes you $30,000 but will do it for $15,000 if you sign up today!

We Don’t Play “Good – Better – Best” Window Pricing Games

To start with we believe you deserve the best! The best windows. The best doors. The best installation materials. The best installers and the best customer service. No compromise! At California Window & Solar we only offer the best! We give you a written quote at fair price while providing you quality products, professional installation, and exceptional customer service to make our window installation Lifetime Workmanship Warranty one you can trust. We may not be the cheapest. We may not be the fastest. But our customers say we are the best! Read our reviews and see for yourself.

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