Meeting Goals One Replacement Window At A Time

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Meeting Goals One Replacement Window At A Time

replacement windows in Costa Mesa CA

When your home is in need of replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA, it could be because your current windows lack a lot of things. They may not function well any longer and when you look into replacements, there are goals that are going to pop up. Keep these goals in mind whenever you choose something for your new windows. You should be able to meet your goals with the choices you make. You will want to keep the goals at the forefront for every window, but you may not get the exact same thing for every window space, either. Goals can vary from window to window. Here are a few elements to help you in moving forward.

Goal: Natural Lighting

The natural lighting goal is something that can definitely vary from room to room. Perhaps you want as much natural light as possible in the kitchen, but you want to limit what gets into the bedrooms so you can sleep better, even when it’s light out. You can get different windows to accommodate those goals. Let in as much natural light as possible in the open areas with casement windows and perhaps consider double hung windows, which let in slightly less, for the bedrooms.

Goal: Energy Efficiency

You will likely want high levels of energy efficiency for every window in the house. The good news is that any window you get will likely do better in that area than older windows. Picture windows are the most efficient since they don’t have operating parts so if you have a place for those, they are ideal. Casement windows take second place since they blow tighter against the house than other windows when they are closed. Also look into efficiency upgrades, like low-E glass. You might want this on windows that have the hot sun shining in them during the afternoon hours. But you might not feel like you need that upgrade on the shady side of the house. You can meet or even exceed your energy goals one window at a time by varying what you get to match the spot they will go into.

Goal: Safety

You want your home to be comfortable, but you also want it to be as safe as possible for your family. In an upstairs room, that might mean double hung windows so you can open the top and kids and pets are safe and won’t fall out. On the main level, things like triple pane glass add safety because they are harder to break (on purpose or on accident). Each window may have different requirements based on your needs.

When you are looking into replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA, it’s important to have goals for each window you are replacing. You might have to get different elements and upgrades on each window in order to meet your goals for that area of the house. It sounds complicated, but the professionals at California Window & Solar will help you the whole way through.

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