How to Research Replacement Windows in Costa Mesa, CA

Need brand new replacement windows and doors for your Orange County home? California Window & Solar replace windows and doors in all of Orange County and surrounding cities such as Long Beach. We offer high-quality vinyl windows and doors as well as frames made of fiberglass, wood, and aluminum, from Milgard Windows, Simonton Windows, and Doors, Ply Gem Vinyl Windows, and ThermaTru Entry Doors. We also feature Norman Shutters & Blinds and now offer solar energy solutions. At California Window our installers possess decades of experience. Our value-add includes sending them to AAMA InstallationMasters™ Institute, which upon certification, allows each of our employees to consistently provide you with professional installations. AAMA InstallationMasters™ prompted through the U.S. Department of Energy and the development by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), is a nationwide training and certification program for new construction and replacement installers of windows. Buying the best window or door for your home is important, but wading through the mountain of information and unfamiliar terminology can become overwhelming and frustrating. If you need new replacement windows, entry doors, and shutters or blinds for your home, give us a call today at 1-949-284-7483.

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It’s not every day that we shop for replacement windows and doors. For most people, these purchases tend to be rare, only happening once or twice in a lifetime. This means that most of us are not familiar with what the industry has to offer. Or for that matter, what is the benchmark for standards of quality, durability, and performance. So how is a person supposed to know which replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA will work best for their situation?

That’s where our team of industry professionals can help. California Window & Solar has been at this game for many years. We know the products and the business, and we go to great lengths to help our customers find the window and door products that will meet their needs. As you begin your research, here are a handful of things we recommend you keep in mind:

1. Product Safety and Security

Most homeowners know that the security and safety of their home are only as good as the windows and doors that are installed in the home. Given the opportunity, thieves or intruders will always use these access points first. That’s why California Window & Solar only sells products that meet or exceed industry forced entry testing standards. Our window lock systems are rigorously tested, as well as all product hardware and materials. Even our window frames are tested for strength. We want to understand performance under stressful conditions that might occur during a physical break-in or an intense wind storm or earthquake.

2. Window Energy Efficiency

Given the numerous window and door products in the marketplace today, it can be difficult to discern the hype from the real deal. Some products perform well, while others don’t. How can you tell which replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA are worth considering?

For starters, make sure you only buy window and door products that are Energy Star rated. The U.S. Environmental Agency and Department of Energy started promoting the Energy Star to help consumers better understand the efficiency of energy consumption and energy saving products. Manufacturers are encouraged to meet industry standards of efficiency. In order to receive the coveted rating, they must submit their products for review and testing.

As a consumer, it’s a smart move to only shop for products that meet these standards. Buying energy efficient products will not only save you money; you will be doing your part to conserve energy, which is good for our planet.

3. Customized Window and Door Products

Many homeowners want to add a personal touch to the look and performance of their windows and doors. In recent years, a significant number of bespoke options have become available. These options include the ability to craft the design, frame color, glass quality, pane count, insulation value, and more. Additionally, you can have windows built to meet off size and shape specifications. If customization is something you might be needing, be sure to have a conversation with one of our professionals.

4. Pro Installation Services

Experience has taught us that not every installer is qualified to install every window. Sure, a general contractor can probably figure out how to secure a window in place, but that doesn’t mean it was done correctly. Without proper installation training, a window or door will not likely perform up to its potential.

As a consumer, you lose out when this happens. You may not experience the gains in promised energy efficiency and performance. Worse still, if something goes wrong down the road, any warranty coverage may be voided due to an unqualified installation, leaving you with the repair bill. As you shop for windows, be sure you hire a trained and qualified installer. Our team is manufacture certified to install all the windows we sell.

5. Price of Replacement Windows in Costa Mesa, CA

Price is certainly important, but alone is not a good measure of window and door quality. Some manufacturers play price games with their products, sometimes even charging high prices for poor quality products! Fortunately, our window experts can help you avoid any of these tricky industry pitfalls. As the saying goes, “the bitterness of poor quality endures long after the sweetness of a great price.”

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Here at California Window & Solar, we believe in doing business the right way. We take care of our customers and look out for their best interests first. And it shows. Our customer satisfaction is second to none, and our reputation for quality precedes us. Just look at our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We’re proud of our commitment to excellence, and the awards and accolades help us know that we’re on the right track. If you’re thinking about buying replacement windows in Costa Mesa, CA, give us a call at (949) 284-7483. Or visit our convenient showroom at 2915 Red Hill Ave Ste B104, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. We’ll take care of you.

Windows & Doors FAQ’s

Is Milgard window a good window?

They're one of the most trusted names in window products in the U.S. They're still the largest producer on the West Coast. As far as consistency is concerned, ask the people at Builder Magazine. They singled out Milgard Windows as Best Quality Vinyl and Most Used Vinyl Window not just once, but 6 times. Learn More.

What's the best material for a front door?

Wood. Wooden exterior doors are a common choice particularly because they can be customized to suit your size, shape, and style preferences. More wood front doors are also simple to customize with decorative glass accents, transoms, or side lights. Learn More.

Are Norman Shutters good quality?

Yes, Norman supplies its valued customers with a high-quality product at an affordable price. Their exceptional style variety in shades and blinds makes them a unique choice among all window manufacturers. Learn More.

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