Different Bay Replacement Window Options

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July 29, 2020
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Different Bay Replacement Window Options

replacement windows in Anaheim Hills CA

Getting replacement windows in Anaheim Hills, CA can be very exciting. It’s a huge change for your home that will have an impact on comfort, bills, appearance, and much more. Most of the windows you get will likely be casement or double hung. Those are the two more popular styles. However, you might also get something special to make your home stand out…like a bay window. Did you know that there are different kinds of bay windows on the market? There are and knowing which kind you want can help you move the process along. Here are a few different types.


The canted bay window is what most people think of when they hear bay window. These windows are traditional and have two parallel front panes and slanted panes on the side. There are at least three panes involved, but there can also be more.


This type of bay window is often found over building entrances, like where a porch would be. But they are also usually on the second floor instead of the first. Oriel is a word that relates closely to the Latin phrase for porch. They give the home a more Gothic style and add natural lighting to a second-floor area.


Box bay windows are great for homeowners who want somewhat of a bay window, but don’t want to have to cut into their walls or remove or add things to the home. These windows have a boxy shape that is created by three window panes that hand out from the house. They are flexible can be placed in many locations within the home. They can also be less expensive than other bay window options.


These windows have a gentle curving shape that sets them apart from the other bay window options. They are generally made from casement windows that gently curve out in a slight arch. They are usually larger than other windows of this type and give you more space inside as well as plentiful natural light.

These are a few of the standard options for bay windows, but you can always come up with your own idea (along with professional help) and custom order something that will fit your style, size, and ideas. There are small bay windows, large bay windows, and everything in between to give your home that dramatic effect you want.

replacement windows in Anaheim Hills CA

If you’d like to look into bay replacement windows in Anaheim Hills, CA along with some of the more standard windows you are looking to find for your home, the professionals at California Window & Solar can help. We’re here to help you with the entire project from start to finish. We understand you might be on a budget, but if bay windows are important to you, we’ll help you find a way to fit them into what you want for your home. Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll go from there. Once we see your home and learn your goals, we’ll offer ideas.

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