Casement Window Replacement Configurations

Sliding, Single, or Double Hung Replacement Windows?
October 1, 2018
Why Replacement Windows?
Why Replacement Windows?
November 16, 2018

Casement Window Replacement Configurations

Casement Window Replacement Configurations

Getting window replacements in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA can be a lot of fun because you get to imagine new things for your home. While you might already have casement windows, you can configure them differently, if you so desire. Or you can take out old double hung windows and put in casement windows instead. Your imagination is the only limit. While you think through the options, consider these casement window replacement configurations.

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Single Casement WindowsYou can hang a single casement window anywhere you want a window to go and it can stand alone and do well. The casement window opens all the way, from top to bottom, and catches the breeze as it flows by. It also brings energy efficiency to the home since it can blow tighter against the house to prevent air from coming in when it’s closed.

Two Casement WindowsIf there is a location in your house where there are two windows in side-by-side proximity, casement windows work well in that instance. Many homeowners want them to open in opposite directions so they can get a cross flow of air going when they have the windows open. They can also open in the same direction, if you so desire.

Casement Window GroupsIf you have three or more windows in one area, you can place all casement windows, or go with a combination. If there are three or four windows, for example, the middle window or windows are often stationary instead of another operational window, but they can all certainly be casements if that’s what you want. Configuring the way they open is a nice way to control the air flow in the home.

Watch The ExteriorIf you like casement windows because they crank open and are able to fully extend top to bottom when they are open, that’s great. However, you will want to ensure that your windows won’t interfere with anything you have going on outside. If there’s a patio or deck, for instance, you’ll want to make sure that an open casement window won’t be in the way. This is important to the overall function of the windows once they are installed.

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Get what you need from your Rancho Santa Margarita, CA window replacement project. Casement windows are often a great choice for a homeowner, but they aren’t the only option. Only you can decide if you want casement windows all over, double hung, or a combination of a variety of styles. The professionals at California Window & Solar can help you go over the options so you get the best functions, styles, and appearances possible. Give us a call at (949) 284-7483 to set up a free consultation to start going over your goals and other details. We’d also like to offer you the chance to come in and visit with us in person. Our showroom is located at 2915 Red Hill Ave Ste B104 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 and we can talk to you about window replacement Orange County CA for as long as you’d like.

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