Are Your Windows Leaking? Get Replacements

Replacement windows in Mission Viejo CA
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August 8, 2022
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Are Your Windows Leaking? Get Replacements

Replacement windows in Mission Viejo CA

There are some obvious signs that you need replacement windows in Mission Viejo, CA. If you can feel the air leaking through the windows, that’s a pretty big sign. However, your windows might be leaking air without you noticing it from the drafts in the house. You might have smaller leaks that are still killing your efficiency, even if you don’t feel the shift in the air. Here are a few ways to tell your windows are out of shape and are most likely leaking air.

The Windows Look Crooked

Most windows are rectangles and they should be parallel to the floor and walls. You might notice that the windows look crooked and that could be because they have warped over time. If the windows aren’t flush against the house, they aren’t sealed well to things and that means they are likely leaking air, whether you feel it or not. You aren’t going to have efficiency with windows that are crooked in their holes.

The Window Panes Are Cracking

Window class has a tendency to crack if it gets hit with a ball, flying debris during a storm, or other such things. That makes sense. But if nothing has happened to the glass and you are still seeing cracks in it, that’s not a good thing. It might be that the windows are bowing or warping and putting pressure on the glass, causing it to crack. You’ll likely have air leaks through the glass itself, but also around the window frames.

There’s Condensation Actually Between The Glass Panes

You might worry about any condensation you see on your windows, but if it’s outside or inside, it’s normal. You just need to adjust the humidity in your house or do a few other things of that nature. But when you see condensation between the panes of glass, that’s trouble. It means that the seals on the windows have broken and you are likely going to have nice air leaks because of it.

Curtains Move Even With Closed WindowsReplacement window in Mission Viejo CA

You are going to feel breezes in your home when you have the fans running, when the air kicks on, or when someone walks past you in the room. But if there’s nothing running and no one is moving and you still see the curtains blowing, they are being moved with air coming through window leaks.

There are plenty of signs that you need new windows and air leaks are a good sign that the project is imminent. If you feel air, you know it’s present. If you see any of the above signs, you know it’s time. But if you still aren’t sure if you should get replacement windows in Mission Viejo, CA, the professionals can give you a free in-home assessment and let you know their expert opinion on the matter. They will advise you as to whether or not the time is right for your home to get replacement windows. If it is time, they can help you with the process when you are ready. See our credentials.

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