Why Energy Efficient Windows are so Popular

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February 27, 2018
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April 25, 2018

Why Energy Efficient Windows are so Popular

Have you noticed throughout the years that more and more homeowners have been upgrading to energy efficient appliances, windows and projects for their home? Panels on roofs, new windows and new appliances are just the beginning. These can all help homeowners save money on their energy bills and impact the environment in a positive way.

But not every homeowner knows the benefits of energy efficient windows. Vinyl windows are known for their energy efficiency. These types of windows help homeowners bring down the costs of high energy bills. Vinyl windows that are energy efficient can help save homeowners 15% annually on those bills. While that may not seem like that much, imagine what you can do with a yearly savings of that amount. Splurge on outings, vacations or other home improvement projects! Extra money from an investment is always a great thing. Like icing on an already delicious cake.

Vinyl windows have wonderful benefits like Low-e coatings and they can do amazing things like block out UV rays and noise. Outside noise can make a relaxing day at home anything but, and car traffic or noisy neighbors can ruin a good night’s rest. However, when you invest in vinyl windows, you’re investing in windows that are built to perform great and block out noises from disturbing your peace and tranquility. And while vinyl windows help to block out noises, they also help prevent ultra-violet rays from entering your home. These rays can damage fabrics, antiques, carpeting, wood flooring and furniture. When you invest in energy efficient vinyl windows with low-e coatings on the glass, you won’t have to worry about your interior items.

Energy efficient windows also help the environment. Things such as U-factors contribute to the amount of energy your Anaheim home are using. We all know the less energy a home uses, the better. No one wants to raise their heat or AC because their windows aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. And no one wants to keep their lights on during the daytime because there don’t have proper natural lighting from their windows. Nor does any homeowner turn away the idea of saving money on energy bills while helping reduce energy usage.

At California Window & Solar, we offer a White Glove Service each and every time an installation is performed. We go above and beyond our competitors ensuring that our Anaheim customers get the best installations possible. Our AAMA Installation Masters are certified and put you first. Our installers will arrive at your home with uniforms marking who they are so you’ll never have to wonder if they are who they say they are. No tools or debris will be left on unprotected flooring or furniture. Our Installation Masters, who are also our permanent employees, make sure to take the utmost care of your belongings and home, as if your home was their own.

Contact California Window & Solar today at (949) 284-7483 or stop by our gorgeous showroom located at 2915 Red Hill Ave Ste B104 Costa Mesa, CA 92626. At California Windows & Solar, we’re here to help find the best energy efficient windows Anaheim, California home.

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