The Eye of the Beholder

Replacement Vinyl Windows: A Change Who’s Time has Come
April 4, 2017
Windows: Your View to a Thrill
May 2, 2017

The Eye of the Beholder

When it comes to the question of “What looks good,” good taste is relative: you might like action flicks while the person next to you enjoys love stories. Someone else holds Vincent Van Gogh in high regard while another person thinks Dali is all the rage. The truth is that no one is right. And so it is with home window solutions. Your neighbor may swear by the benefits of wood while someone else is impressed with aluminum. Whether or not one is better than other may be overshadowed by the fact that vinyl windows outshine both!

Feel the Heat (or the cold)

In terms of insulation, vinyl windows carry an impressive resume: Vinyl windows block out the outrageous Orange County CA heat during the summer and keep it in when it cools off during the autumn months. In fact, studies by the US Environmental Protection Agency show that vinyl windows demonstrate little to no heat loss, making replacement windows extremely economical.

Uncontrolled air flow in your home is like pumping coins into a slot machine. In fact, according to the EPA, what passes through your windows, “Cannot only carry moisture into framing cavities but it can account for a huge portion of a home’s energy use and cause indoor air quality problems to boot.”

Consider as well, that vinyl windows are easy to install, are scratch resistant and come in variety of colors, and you’ve got a home window upgrade solution that increases the value of your home in addition to your own personal comfort.

Tight as a Drum

Window-energy efficiency requires a tight seal; good indoor air quality requires fresh outdoor air. Ideally, the fresh air should come not from random leaks but from a known source; for this to happen, the house needs an adequate air barrier and California Window and Solar is here to provide it! We’ll ensure your windows are installed firmly and securely. In addition to benefiting from our decades of experience, our lead installers are required to receive their certification through AAMA Installation Masters training and testing.

The Future is…Vinyl

If you live in Orange County, Ca, tune in to the fact that vinyl windows Irvine, CA can help significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home. And don’t forget that the handiwork and materials used in your vinyl windows are under warranty for the life of your home! California Window and Solar’s attention to detail and follow through has set us apart from the competition.

After more than five decades we must being doing something right! But we’ll leave the final judgment up to you. California Window and Solar is conveniently located at 2915 Red Hill Ave Ste B104 Costa Mesa, CA 92626, so why not stop by for a free estimate, or if it’s easier to call just give us a holler at our toll free number 1-949-284-7483 or locally at (949) 284-7483. Our showroom hours are Monday-Friday from 9-5 and on Saturdays from 9-3. Better yet shoot us an email. We’d love to meet you!

Quality products…Great prices…White Glove Installation…that’s California Window and Solar.

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