How to Avoid Replacing Your Windows

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October 27, 2017
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How to Avoid Replacing Your Windows

In need of replacement windows in the Anaheim area? You’ve come to the right place! But before you start looking for replacement windows and find a brand and style you’re in love with, it’s important to know how to avoid having to purchase replacement windows. There’s no doubt about it, sometimes windows just need to be replaced. If you’re renovating and updating your home and want a new look, it’s a safe to say that you’ll need new windows.

If you’re windows are extremely outdated and have become damaged, you might need repairs, but if the parts to the window have become obsolete, it’s safe to say you need replacement windows. And if your windows are severely damaged, you need replacement windows. However, there are ways to stop these issues early on before you get to the point where you have no choice but to replace your windows. While the process may sound easy, many homeowners have a difficult time doing this one important thing routinely: checking and cleaning windows.

Something as simple as checking out a window for any cracks, breakage, warping or rot can make a big difference and can potentially help you find a solution before the problem becomes unfixable.If you make this a routine habit, allowing yourself an hour or two to check your windows every once and a while, you’ll thank yourself in the long run since you’ll know that your windows are performing at their very best. In addition, by checking your windows periodically, you’ll be able to monitor them and see if there are ever any issues when it comes to performance like leaks, drafts, broken parts or cracks in your glass. Noticing these issues early can sometimes make a world of difference. Even periodically checking the weather stripping can help solve draft problems, among other things.

Another pitfall homeowners fall into is the DIY approach. While this still involves replacing your window, many homeowners think doing it themselves or hiring a friend for a very low price is a good idea. It isn’t. In fact, by having a non-professional install your windows, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of a whole world of trouble. They can do more damage than good and ultimately cost you more time and money in the long run than you would have spent in the first place on a professional.

At California Windows and Solar, we know the ins and outs of windows and how to install them professionally. Our specifically trained InstallationMasters have extensive experience installing windows and making sure each installation goes smoothly.

California Windows and Solar is the most trusted choice for replacement windows in the Anaheim, California area. We go above and beyond for our clients, making sure they receive only the very best services and products. Not only are we licensed contractors in the state of California, but we are also certified AAMA InstallationMasters and EPA Lead Safe Certified. California Window and Solar also maintains a prestigious A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you need windows replaced, call us today at (949) 284-7483. Or visit our showroom located at 2915 Red Hill Ave Ste B104 Costa Mesa, CA 92626. California Windows and Solar can help you find the best replacement windows and show you how to keep your windows like new.

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