3 Characteristics of Quality Vinyl Windows

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January 5, 2017
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3 Characteristics of Quality Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are popular for homeowners in Orange County, CA because of the long list of benefits they will bring to your home. If you decide to install Orange County vinyl windows, it is essential that you understand how to choose quality products that are built to last.

Here are four main characteristics that you should consider:

1. Durable Materials for Manufacturing

The materials used during the manufacturing process will have a direct impact on the quality of windows that you receive. Early generations of vinyl windows were made with soft materials that haven’t held up over the years. As a result, these windows started to sag because of the hot weather or heavy glass panels. If you buy an older home that had vinyl windows installed many years ago, then you might be dealing with these problems.

But, the products have improved over the years, offering excellent options now. Today, vinyl windows are usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is the same type of plastic often used for pipes and other household products. Talk to the manufacturer about how well the vinyl materials will hold up.

2. Assembly of the Frames and Glass

Just because you have quality materials, doesn’t mean that you will gain the optimal results without good assembly. The materials need to be assembled and installed using specific techniques to minimize the drafts around the window frames. These joints should be weathertight to prevent damage because of wear and tear.

Ask your windows contractor if the frames are mechanically fastened or welded. Both of these methods work well if they are done right. Many people find that welding offers long-term benefits because it takes advantage of the natural chemistry of the PVC. But, it is essential that the welding is airtight to avoid water leakage within the frame.

3. Number of Frame Chambers

As you look at a cross section of the window frame, you should see various chambers that are built into the frame. The number of chambers varies depending on the manufacturer that you choose. Select a design with a lot of chambers, because the chambers strengthen the frame. There is a specific way to design these chambers since the strength is a function of where the walls of each chamber connect.

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The research process gives the manufacturer the opportunity to identify potential stress points on the window frame. This information makes it possible to design the window in a way to decrease the impact of those stress points. More chambers can be placed in those locations.

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