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First introduced in 1954, vinyl windows started becoming mass produced in 1959 and, as of 2017, these windows are the most popular selling windows for homes. Vinyl windows first became popular in Europe before North America caught on and realized the benefits of having these windows. After natural resources (such as aluminum, steel and wood) started to dwindle in Germany, it became an issue and a cause for new materials. Vinyl, a manmade resource, would become one of the most popular materials for windows some years later. However, some credit should go to the founder of PVC polymer, Dr. Waldo Semon of B.F. Goodrich. After all, B.F. Goodrich was the vinyl resin manufacturing company who began manufacturing this great material. 

It didn’t take long for window installers and industry professionals to realize that vinyl was the material of the future. Some manufacturers, (like David Weis, who started Modern White Manufacturing) noticed a considerable difference between vinyl windows and other windows. He was quoted as saying that aluminum posed a lot of problems that vinyl had solutions for. 

In a market that was saturated with wood and aluminum windows, vinyl windows have surpassed all other windows in the industry…and for good reason. Vinyl windows have tons of benefits and very little drawbacks. Some of these benefits include affordability, energy efficiency and energy reduction, which translates to low maintenance. Vinyl windows are also easy to maintain and clean, they are dent and scratch proof, and you’ll never have to worry about repainting, resealing, re-staining or even refurbishing these windows.  

While there are a lot of benefits to having vinyl windows in your home one of the biggest benefits among homeowners has been thermal efficiency, also known as energy efficiency, which helps heat a space with natural lighting thus eliminating the need to adjust your thermostat constantly.  

But it wasn’t until the 1990s that vinyl became such a huge hit and could be found in lots of homes. Now, flash forward to today, vinyl is the leading choice among homeowners, manufacturers, and installation masters. And the leading choice at California Window and Solar. These windows will make your home look like something from a magazine while working day and night to protect your home. Vinyl windows Orange County, CA  come in many shapes and colors and will not only add curbside appeal to your property but will also add resale value that you could never imagine. This is especially great for those looking to sell their homes in the near future. So, the next time you’re looking to replace your windows or install new windows in the Orange County, CA area, remember why vinyl is the best choice to take your home to the next level. 

At California Window and Solar, we’re committed to excellence and dedicated to providing our customers with the best products at the best rate. Call us today at 1-888-831-2001 or stop by our showroom located at 2915 Red Hill Ave., Suite B104, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. California Windows and Solar is here to help you find the best vinyl windows in Orange County, CA.

Whether you’ve purchased new or replacement windows, or you haven’t purchased windows in years, decorating your windows and updating your style can be tricky. While some people are blessed with the creative gene and can think up a gorgeous idea for their home and bring it to life with minimal to no effort at all, others aren’t like that and struggle to find inspiration when it comes to decorating their home. It’s understandable that sometimes the curtains you purchased when you moved into your home ten years ago are no longer working for your space. And when it comes to windows, you want to have the best blinds, curtains, and window dressing for your space because it makes all the difference. After all, you wouldn’t put black curtains up in a space that you want constant natural light in. Nor would you put sheer curtains up if you’re looking to control the light in your bedroom during the day.  

Regardless of the type of window you’re looking to dress, curtains and blinds can enhance the look of your space. At California Window and Solar, we offer Norman shutters and blinds. These top-notch superior products are some of the best on the market and can transform any space into an HGTV look alike. Norman shutters and blinds offer reinforced engineered styles with multiple layers of wood bonded together for stability. Norman shutters also offer prescription wood conditioning that involves drying the wood with certain techniques so their shutters will not sink or swell from the Lake Forest, CA weather.

Norman shutters and blinds also feature mortise and tenon joints, which makes them strong enough to withstand most day-to-day operations and feature patented polypropylene coating which makes their shutter surfaces extremely durable and resistant to chipping and cracking.

This exceptional brand features new louver tilting mechanisms such as invisible tilt, which creates a gorgeous look for shutters with no protruding parts or obstructed views, just an even and tight closure. And last, but certainly not least, Norman shutters and blinds are free of any heavy metal surfaces and lead and don’t have any loops or chords that can potentially cause harm to children. 

One of the best things about dressing your windows with shutters and blinds is that you have the option to add curtains and drapes over the windows, but you’re not forced to do so. When you install shutters and blinds to your windows, you can block out as much sun as needed as well as give your home privacy from neighbors. Drapes and curtains are just add-ons when it comes to windows. Sure, drapes and curtains look great on a window but they’re not necessary if you’ve already installed blinds or shutters. 

At California Window and Solar, we’re here to help you find the best window Lake Forest, CA dressing for your widows. If you live in the Lake Forest or surrounding areas, visit California Windows and Solar at 2915 Red Hill Ave., Suite B104, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, to view our showroom. Or call us toll-free at 1-888-831-2001. Let California Windows and Solar show you why we’re the most trusted choice for windows in the Lake Forest, CA area.

When it comes to vinyl windows, you may think that they’re all the same. Just like other products, not everything is made equally. At California Windows and Solar, we sell only the best products that perform superiorly. The products we sell have been tested vigorously and continually stand up against other brand name products, beating them in quality each year. While there are many great brands on the market, one of the best-ranked brands with top-performing products is Milgard. 

No matter what windows you purchase, Milgard windows are outstanding and stand the test of time. But for those who are specifically looking for vinyl windows, Milgard windows are the way to go. Milgard vinyl windows offer an array of benefits that other brands can’t match. Below are some of the benefits of Milgard windows.  

Color Screens That Compliment Your Windows 

Milgard creates wonderful premium exterior finishes as well as colored screens that will not wear out throughout the years. These types of finishes will keep all elements of your window looking great and you’ll never have to worry about rusty screens that look terrible and unmanaged.

Gorgeous Finishes That Only Milgard Offers

Milgard has created a formula that beats all the competition and includes two coats. Unlike other brands who supply window finishes that can warp, dull or crack when reflecting damaging UV rays, Milgard offers a solution: translucent paint. UV rays can pass through this special paint so the vinyl can reflect the UV rays while protecting the finish and color.   

Beautiful Grids

As a leading brand when it comes to innovative windows, Milgard has grids in two tones to give customers even more options when it comes to style and design. These grid colors are chosen to create an even more attractive exterior frame overall…something every homeowner can enjoy. 

Lasting Color 

Measured by TSR, and also known as total sola reflectivity, this is the amount of solar energy that is reflected by a surface material, immediately. It’s important to make sure your windows reflect ultra violet rays and heat, which can cause fading in your window finishes. Milgard windows work hard to keep surface temperatures lower than the competition.  

The Best Warranties

While there are many windows that come with good warranties in the Mission Viejo, CA area, not many can compare to Milgard’s warranty for their vinyl windows. Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty (ten-year warranty for commercial) for their windows regardless of where you live. So, you can rest assured that your windows are always protected.

At California Window and Solar, we offer our award winning white glove installation when it comes to installing windows Mission Viejo, CA. We make sure our installation professionals treat your home like it was ours. We’ll never place any tools on uncovered surfaces and we’ll make sure to take the utmost care of your space. We understand starting an installation can mess up your routine and that’s why we go out of our way to make sure you’re not inconvenienced. 

If you live in the Mission Viejo or surrounding areas, visit our showroom today, located at 2915 Red Hill Ave., Suite B104, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Or call us at 1-888-831-2001. Let California Window and Solar help you find the best vinyl windows in Mission Viejo, CA.

In need of replacement windows in the Mission Viejo area? Are you looking for new windows for your new construction home? Regardless of what stage you’re in, you’ve come to the right place. California Window and Solar can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to purchasing windows. Our highly trained staff is experienced with windows and installations and knows what will work and won’t. 

We offer a variety of windows in different finishes, styles, and colors that will look great in hi-ranches, colonials, villas, Victorian homes, and even single family detached homes. Whatever your space, we can make it gorgeous (like an HGTV home) just by adding the right windows. With that said, we understand that choosing a window can be a tiring process when there are so many options to consider. California Window and Solar offers some of the best windows…such as Tuscany, vinyl, wood, ultra-fiberglass and essence wood. 

While all of these windows offer great and unique benefits, Essence wood windows are really something special. These windows are paintable, have excellent insulating properties, and offer the warmth of solid wood. It’s well known that wood not only offers a gorgeous look to your home, but they are also easy to work with, have a strong base, and make excellent insulators. 

Wood frames require maintenance such as frequent sealing, painting, staining, and occasional touchups like refurbishing, sanding, and applying new coats. Those chores can be tiresome and time consuming, but Essence wood windows don’t require as much maintenance. 

Milgard’s Essence Wood series combines the gorgeous look of wood with durable fiberglass. Milgard has taken the interior wood frame and combined it with an exterior wood frame, designing a newly engineered mulling system and with a tight seal that connects multiple units and protects against water and eventual air leaks. These windows are armed with Milgard’s cutting-edge water management system, which protects the solid wood on the inside. Any water is drained away from the wood through a hidden system with drainage holes and water channels. This amazing technology allows these windows to perform at a higher level than most normal wood windows, making these windows some of the best on the market. 

These long-lasting, timelessly elegant windows will give your home a beautiful look while working harder than ever to keep your home safe from the elements. With exceptional performing quality, homeowners will never have to worry about the timely maintenance to upkeep gorgeous windows. With Essence Wood, your home will gain added curbside appeal in addition to resale value. Every homeowner knows when a home looks gorgeous, not only does it make you feel proud to show your space off to family, guests, and neighbors, but it also attracts more buyers if you’re looking to sell.

Don’t listen to us, see for yourself! With our White Glove Installation, you’ll never have to worry about installers coming into your home and mistreating it. We make sure that your home is never damaged or treated harshly or irresponsibly with tools thrown about. We’ll never place tools on a surface without first covering it. We are dedicated to treating your home with the utmost care.

Call us today at 1-888-831-2001 and speak to one of our representatives about purchasing new Fountain Valley, CA replacement windows. Or visit our showroom located at 2915 Red Hill Ave., Suite B104, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. California Windows and Solar can help you find the perfect replacement windows in Mission Viejo, CA.

So, you’ve invested in new windows for your home but you aren’t quite sure how to care for your windows. You’re not alone. Many homeowners believe once they have a new window installed that the battle is over, but installing your windows is only half the battle. While the maintenance and upkeep on each type of window frame can be different, the act of cleaning the actual glass usually remains the same. It’s best to avoid direct sunlight when you clean the glass of your windows. Usually homeowners find it better to clean their windows during a cloudy day or in the early morning or evening times.

When cleaning glass, you should never use chemicals or solvents with a petroleum base as these chemicals can damage the insulating glass seal or other parts of the window. You should also avoid high pressure sprays when washing the actual glass of a window. High pressure can damage the insulating glass seal and other areas. Never use sharps instruments or abrasive cleaning cloths on glass. This, of course, can scratch and ruin the glass. Instead, you should use a mixture of mild dish soap and clean the glass by rubbing your fingers gently over the glass. You can also use a soft cloth before you gently dry the glass. If you’ve ever attached tape to the glass, it may leave a residue and the heat from the sun will bake the adhesive from the tape into your glass. That can cause issues for glass in the long run so avoid tape on windows if at all possible.

Screen care is pretty simple. Remove the screens and wash them on a flat surface and gently rub the dirt out with a soft brush with mild dish soap and water. After rinsing, you can wipe them dry and reinstall your screens and they’ll be like new. 

It’s important to vacuum any dirt and debris from the window track before washing. You can then mix mild dish soap with water and use a soft cloth to wipe down the frame and the track until all the dust and dirt is gone. Make sure to properly drain and dry the tracks and sills and don’t leave them wet as this can make the paint on the windowsill bubble or become damaged. 

You can also maintain your windows and keep up with drafts in the colder months by periodically checking the weather stripping on your windows and making sure they are still working properly. You should also periodically check your screens to make sure there are no large spaces, scratches or holes that will allow debris and insects through. While it may seem like a big job, performing routine maintenance and care for you windows so they can look clean and function with ease is simple enough for anyone to do. 


At California Windows and Solar, we’re here to help any Mission Viejo, CA home window or surrounding residents with any window issues. For all of your window questions, call California Windows and Solar toll free at 1-888-831-2001. Or visit us at 2915 Red Hill Ave., Suite B104, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Let California Windows and Solar help you with your windows and turn your new windows into lasting investments.  

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