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Windows: Your View to a Thrill

You are to be commended if you're considering upgrading the windows in your Orange County home with new replacement windows. The choice of what type of window you upgrade to will not only create a better, healthier standard of living for you, providing you with windows that  are no doubt sturdier than what you presently have, and in the long run it can mean an increase in the energy efficiency for your house. 

Thing is, what exactly should you do? Repair what you have, or replace with vinyl windows? Learn your options, relative cost and effectiveness of repairs, and how to judge whether a window should be saved or thrown away. 

Whether or not this is a step you can realize with your vinyl window upgrade is a decision for you and the professionals at California Window and Solar.

The truth is, single-pane windows often leave rooms in Orange County, CA feeling chilly and dry in cold weather and overheated in warm, sunny weather. Vinyl windows with double-pane glass can greatly improve the comfort of your home. They can block much of the heat of direct sunlight but still allow the light to come through (less need for shades). They’ll reduce cold drafts and the chill of cold glass. And they’ll reduce condensation so you can keep the indoor humidity at a higher, more comfortable level in colder weather. 

A Critical Eye

You don't have to be an installation technician to understand the condition of your windows. Some things are just common sense. For example, the window should open and close easily. The panes of glass obviously should not be cracked or warped there should not be condensation between the panes. And if you are feeling air flow, that is a dead give-away.  

One Step (and Window) at a Time

The qualified technicians at California Window and Solar have your best interests in mind. Our advice: Balance your home's appearance with your budget. Even if you try for a close match, new windows Long Beach, CA will probably look a bit different from the old. And even the glass itself (we recommend the low-E) usually looks somewhat different from clear glass. So replacing one or two in conspicuous areas may look bad. One good strategy is to replace all the windows on one side (or one level if you have a two-story house) to retain a consistent appearance. Often the windows on one side of a house deteriorate much faster than the others. 

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Reduce Energy Use

Reduce Energy Use - Get Better Views and Comfort With Energy-Efficient Windows

Whether you are replacing existing windows, or building a new home, chances are you'll want to select the most energy efficient windows available. Who doesn't like to save money on their energy bill each month? Luckily there's Milgard Windows & Doors.

We offer some of the most advanced technologies in energy efficiency in the window and patio door industry. Not only are our windows more energy efficient, but they also help protect your carpet and furniture from fading. Select Milgard for higher energy savings while providing comfort in every season.

It All Starts With The Glass 
The glass you select is the single most important component when considering energy efficient windows & patio doors. No other component has as much affect on the type of energy savings you'll experience in your home. That's why Milgard offers some of the best insulated glass units in the industry.

SunCoat™ — Standard On All Milgard Products
Cut heating and cooling losses with the Milgard SunCoat Low-E all climate, all-season glass. SunCoat Low-E sets the standard in providing year-round comfort and energy savings.

SunCoatMAX™—for optimal performance
A Milgard exclusive technology - optional glass upgrade for even higher energy savings. Advanced glass research has produced a home comfort advantage so effective, it is patent pending.

The Benefits of Our Glass Offerings Are Clear: 

  • Energy & Cost Savings
  • Improved Comfort
  • Less Condensation
  • Increased Light & View
  • Reduced Fading
  • Lower HVAC Costs

Energy Efficent Windows and Doors, Energy Star windows and doors, EnergyStar windows and doors.

MILGARD - Leading The Way to Improved Energy Savings! 
Our Research & Development department is so dedicated to energy efficient windows that we've placed considerable resources into every aspect of our product—from the frame, to the operation, to the type of glass we use; an energy efficient window is not just one element. It's the synergy of all these components.

Milgard Window & Door is proud to be an Energy Star® Partner.That means our products provide such exceptional energy saving qualities that it has been recognized by Energy Star®. The fact is, our windows frequently exceed Federal Department of Energy standards.

Milgard Essence Wood Windows and Doors

Introducing A Wood Window & Wood Door Without Compromise - The Essence™ Series

Style by Nature

  • Timeless elegance of wood windows and wood doors
  • Warmth of solid wood inside your home

Durability by Milgard

  • Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage Coverage
  • Fiberglass exterior means no rotting or painting

Personality by You

  • Choose from 15 exterior colors for distinctive curb appeal
  • Choose to stain, paint, or go natural for your interior decor

Milgard Essence Windows and Doors - See Them In Real Homes


Milgard Essence Features

Design Flexibility and Color Choices


Window Hardware


Door Hardware


Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction - Quiet Line™ Series Vinyl Windows

No noise is good noise. Milgard's Quiet Line™ insulated windows give you the best in sound control performance*, energy efficiency and weather protection. Quiet Line™ windows let in 30% less noise than our other windows. Plus you get the same high quality vinyl compound and attention to detail that all Milgard windows are known for. Quiet Line windows are the perfect solution if you live near an airport, overlook a freeway, or face frequent environmental noise of any kind.

Milgard Quiet Line soundproof windows newport beach

Noise Reduction Vinyl Windows For Street, Airport and Freeway Noise

milgard windows noise reduction newport beach



*Note: Exterior noise can never be eliminated totally from an exterior environment. A sound audit may be necessary to assess the best means for reducing specific, single source noises.

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