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No matter where you live, replacing old windows in any home can have a dramatic impact, not only on the quality of life that you experience in that home, but also on its value.

This could be important for those who may be looking to sell in the near future. Living in Newport Beach offers a wide range of inherent benefits, including that fact that you can be at the Pacific Ocean within a matter of minutes, or you could enjoy some of the peace and solitude that living inland may offer.

So how can replacement windows make a decided difference in your life at home in Corona Del Mar?

This question would likely have a host of answers for different people, depending on where you live, what you do, and what you enjoy. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits and advantages that you can get by replacing the windows in your home with brand new, energy efficient windows.

First, it’s a good idea to have a starting point with regard to replacement windows. For this discussion, let’s assume that the windows in your home are at least twenty years old. The closer that you live to the ocean, the more corrosion your windows –and those all-important hardware pieces- are going to endure. When you have more corrosion, then minor components begin to fail quicker and that can lead to major problems.

Maybe your windows are pitted or stained and no matter what you do, you just can get them clean. This will happen when you have double or even triple glazed windows. The seals between the panes of glass will fail at some point and the vacuum (or gas, in the case of windows that rely on argon or krypton gas) seal fails.

This allows air and moisture to enter the window, between the panes of glass and that can lead to staining, pitting, or other issues and you won’t be able to clean those issues up. This can be frustrating, especially when you notice that the sun is beating into your house, highlighting all of the flaws, dirt, or other issues on the glass.

Maybe those old windows have been painted too many times to even count anymore. It’s common when you can’t get them cleaned to throw another coat of white paint on the sills, frame, and molding around the windows. This can create a number of issues when it comes to functionality.

Have you ever struggled to open your windows because there was too much paint or corrosion on them? If so, then you know what this is like. You might just give up trying to open those windows, and then you’re going to be missing out on some of the great ocean breezes that blow in during the afternoon hours.

Your current windows just might not fit your home or the interior design any longer. Through the years, depending on when your house was built, the interior tends to change far more often than more ‘permanent’ fixtures, like windows. You may have a modern look to your home now and the windows have a rustic, traditional appearance. If so, then it’s time to think about replacing them to liven up the interior of your home.

So what can replacement windows offer?

The answer to this is simple, and a bit complex. The simple answer is ‘just about anything that you want.’

You can open up your home with larger windows, such as bay or bow windows that look out over a garden out back, or the ocean down the street, or the rolling hills to the north or east.

You could enjoy more energy efficient windows in your home that will help you save a lot of money over time. While we certainly don’t need to be overly concerned with heating our homes in Newport Beach during the winter, there are times when the temperature can dip quite low.

However, it’s the summer that can really take a toll on our utility bills. When you’re running the central air conditioning system around the clock just to keep a comfortable indoor atmosphere, it can cost a lost.

More than 40 percent of a home’s heat or cool air (during the summer) will be lost through the windows and doors. The older your windows, the less insulation and protection they will offer. You could save hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year on your energy bills just by replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient ones.

You can also choose from what’s called Low-E glazing. This is added to the windows during manufacturing to block out a major portion of the sun’s heat when it comes into your home. Just think about how many times you have closed the curtains or shutters over your windows during the height of a glorious summer day, just in the effort to keep your home from overheating. With Low-E3 windows, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

Most importantly, one of the major advantages that new, replacement windows offer Corona Del Mar residents is that your home will be more valuable when you choose the right windows.

How can you choose the right replacement windows that will bring you these benefits?

Shopping for replacement windows may be confusing at first. That’s likely because you don’t have a lot of experience purchasing new windows. After all, if you’re lucky, you don’t need to bother with this home improvement project more than once every fifteen or twenty years.

The best first step is to find a company that you can trust. They should have experience and a solid track record of helping their customers and putting their customers’ needs first.

California Window & Solar, has been serving residents throughout Orange County for decades and we have a BBB A+ rating, which highlights our commitment to excellence and exceptional customer service.

No matter where you are in your window shopping process, we can help. Call us today to learn more.

When you’re considering replacing the windows in your Anaheim Hills home, what should you consider? There are many aspects to new windows and you should discuss and consider all of them before making any decisions, but there are a few that are pivotal, above all others.

Too often, homeowners think about just replacing their existing window with something comparable. In other words, if you have double hung windows in your bedrooms, then you’d just be thinking about getting the same type of windows to replace them. If you have a picture window in your living room, then you might not even want to think about replacing it, just the windows along the sides. However, did you know that while your double glazed or double hung windows wear out over time, making it more difficult to open, the same is true about that picture window?

What if you have a great looking lawn or view from your home and it’s not being done any justice at the moment? Wouldn’t a beautiful bay or bow window be something that you’d consider?

You may also be thinking about the cost of the windows. So let’s talk about a couple of things that you should consider before making any decision about replacement windows for your Anaheim Hills home.

How windows can alter the entire feel of your home.

Did you know that windows can completely transform your home? Did you know that if you change out one simple thing to do with your windows in your living room that you could create a more open feel to the room?

You could end up having windows that expand your view of the outside world, whether you have rolling hills in the background or a view of the ocean. One reason why some of the homes in Anaheim Hills are small and don’t take full advantage of the incredible views that many of us have is because of the sun and the heat that it brings in with it.

When you have the sun pouring into your house at any time of the year, you’ll notice that it gets incredibly hot inside. You may close the shutters or blinds or curtains just to keep that heat from forcing you to run the air conditioning system around the clock.

What if you had wider, larger windows that are coated with something that blocked the heat inducing UV rays (ultraviolet radiation) from the sun? You could end up having all that natural light flooding into your home without much of the heat that comes in with it.

Imagine what you could do with that scenario. You would have a completely different atmosphere in your home during the daylight hours. It would be incredible for the days when you’re not at work or on the weekends when you have friends and family coming over for a visit.

It’s called Low-E3 and it is added to the windows to  block out the harmful UV rays of the sun. But don’t worry, the angle of the sun has a lot to do with how much of the heat gets blocked, so during the winter, in the early morning hours when it’s cold out, the sun rising will get some heat into your home.

Consider how you want your home to look with new windows. Would you want to open up some of those areas that have smaller windows at the moment? Or would you prefer to have some of the larger windows brought down to a smaller size? When you change the size or style of window, it will require more work as a result. More work is going to increase the cost as well.

When you’re thinking about replacement windows, now is the time to make these types of decisions. If you can’t imagine what your home, or individual rooms, might look like with a larger window, or smaller one, you can contact California Window & Solar. Our professionals have many years of experience helping homeowners just like you sift through all of the options available to them, and to choose the perfect windows for every room in your home.

What else should you consider when starting to look into replacement windows?

The next thing that you should consider when looking into replacement windows for your Anaheim Hills home is financially related. You’re going to be spending a considerable amount of money on this home improvement project. In fact, it’s one of the top three home improvement projects, based on cost, that you’ll likely consider during the time you own your home (kitchen and bathroom renovations are the top two).

While most homeowners look at a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation as being an investment in their home, that’s not the same when it comes to replacement windows. It’s strange that homeowners tend to think about the cost of new windows as being an expense, rather than an investment, but it’s something to think about now.

When you think about an expense, what do you tend to focus on first? Price. You aren’t so worried about quality or some features, as long as you can get the products for a decent price. The more you save, the better off you’ll be.

Yet when it comes to windows, when you spend more, you get more. That means for energy efficiency, more convenience, and more return on your investment.

New windows can actually increase the value of your home. That means your home will be worth more with the right new windows (not just any windows), so your investment will actually pay off almost instantly.

As long as you begin the process of searching for replacement windows with these two thought swirling around in your head, you’re going to be much more likely to find the right windows for your home.

Finding the right window company will make the difference. So when you’re ready to replace your existing windows, contact California Window & Solar today. We’ve been helping homeowners like you find the perfect windows for their home for decades.

Do you have a need for replacement windows in Anaheim? If so, you might be trying to figure out where to start. Knowing where to start when replacing the windows in your home is one of the most important aspects, and it can be crucial to determining whether you end up with the kind of windows that you truly want and need, or regret your decision.

Take a moment to consider some of the aspects of replacement windows so that you will be able to refine your search and, at the right time, choose the ideal company for those new windows.

Starting points … price.

Let’s be clear about one thing right from the start: living in Southern California, you know what it means to demand excellence. We live in the best place on the entire planet to live. The sun shines almost every single day throughout the year, we don’t have to worry about snow during the winter, and if you love to surf, it’s something that you can do just about all year long, with the right equipment and wetsuit, that is.

Living out here in Anaheim, you want your home to be the best that it can be. You want to know that you have the highest quality parts, furniture, and appliances for your entire home. Especially with the rising cost of oil and electricity these days, making sure that you buy energy efficient products is a crucial step in having a great home.

So why is it that so many homeowners throughout Anaheim, when it comes to replacement windows, think that they are a ‘necessary’ evil, that they should go out and focus on saving as much money for their new replacement windows?

After all, would you be willing to spend $2,000 or even more for a new, stainless steel refrigerator? You very well might be, even though you could easily get a decent, basic white one for a third of the price. What is it about the stainless steel appliance that is worth the investment?

Maybe it’s roomier. Maybe it looks better. Maybe it has more features that you enjoy. Do you use the external water or ice feature? Most likely you do, but there are plenty of white or black models that are half the price. So why choose that particular kind (and if you don’t have stainless steel, that’s fine … it’s just to highlight something that is far too common among homeowners in Anaheim and all of Southern California)?

You choose those features because it makes your home look nicer. It makes the kitchen appear cleaner, more professional, even more sterile. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Yet when the average homeowner in Orange County begins to search for replacement windows, it’s amazing because too many of them focus on saving as much money as they can from the very start.

Yes, replacing the windows in your home is going to be expensive. There’s no way around that, but at some point in time, you’re going to have to face the reality that you simply can’t avoid it.

That doesn’t mean that you should try to go after the cheapest windows. What happens when you focus on price as the starting point in your search for new windows for your home? You will end up with low quality windows that don’t do your home justice and won’t help your save money over the long-term aspects of owning a home.

What you get when you focus on price first when it comes to replacement windows.

There are so many different manufacturers, brands, models, and much more to choose from when it comes to new windows for your home. There are high end, triple glaze windows that are heavy, expensive, but can provide incredible noise reduction characteristics and make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Then you have the low end, entry level style windows. Some of these are from manufacturing companies that you might recognize. You’ll find these windows at your local home improvement mega store. Why are they considered entry level? They’re basic. They are most likely vinyl and thin glass. They may or may not be sealed with argon or krypton gas, and they are the first choice of new home builders.

That should tell you a lot right there about these types of windows. New home builders are in the business of making as much as they can with every single home that they build. They know that most homeowners, especially new homebuyers, are not going to pay that much attention to the quality of the windows when they’re searching for their next home to purchase.

They’ll see brand new everything, and they likely won’t think much about those windows. As long as they last five years, the builder doesn’t care what else happens.

So why would these mega stores sell them? Because they get you in the door with their low prices. You are made to think that those windows are ideal for your home, that you don’t need anything better. The salespeople just neglect to tell you that those windows won’t help much with energy efficiency and they won’t do anything to improve the value of your home.

So when you’re focused on price as the starting point for replacement windows for your home, you’re going to immediately limit your choices. When you limit your choices, you’ll find that getting the quality of results that you want (or that you deserve) will be limited. Unfortunately, too many homeowners don’t realize that they made a mistake until a year or two after they purchased their new windows, when the condition of those new windows no longer appears as good, when the salt air of the ocean or the sun’s power has pitted them or faded the finish.

Focus on design and function first.

So when you’re looking for replacement windows for your Anaheim home, focus on the design, functionality, and quality first and foremost. It’s an investment … treat it as such.

When you want to learn more, contact California Window & Solar. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your home, your budget, and your family.

California Glass & Window specializes in windows and doors designed for homes in Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco Canyon and Mission Viejo, CA. We feature high quality brands such as Milgard Windows and Doors in vinyl, fiberglass, wood and aluminum.

These beautiful, energy efficent windows provide special attention to details which add curb appeal. Since we are your neighborhood window and door specialist for Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco Canyon and Mission Viejo, we make sure all of our products are ENERGY STAR Certified. This means they can help lower your energy costs while keeping your family more comfortable and blocking out up 95% of harmful UV rays.

Additionally, these new construction or replacement windows and doors provide you with choices which include: Bay and Bow windows, casement, horizontal sliding windows, awning windows, picture windows, single or double hung windows, sliding glass doors and French doors.

We know your home is a valuable asset, so our installations are completed by our own professional installation employees, not subs or piece work pick-ups. We treat your home as if  it were our own. After all, you're our neighbors.

If you're a home owner in Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco Canyon or Mission Viejo, and want to save on your energy bill while enhancing your home with these beautiful windows and doors, call us today at 1-888-831-2001 for a free in-home consultation. If you prefer, click here to email us. You will receive professional, expert advice and recommendations, without obligation or a high pressure sales pitch.


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California Glass & Window specializes in windows and doors designed for homes in Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Laguna Beach, CA. Our showroom is located in your neighborhood at the Stonemill Design Center. We feature high quality brands such as Milgard Windows and Doors in vinyl, fiberglass, wood and aluminum.

These beautiful, energy efficent windows provide special attention to details like stainless steel casement hardware and rollers. We are your neighborhood window and door specialist for Newport Beach, we make sure all of our products are ENERGY STAR Certified. This means they can help lower your energy costs while keeping your family more comfortable and blocking out up 95% of harmful UV rays.

Additionally, these new construction or replacement windows and doors provide you with choices which include: Bay and Bow windows, casement, horizontal sliding windows, awning windows, picture windows, single or double hung windows, sliding glass doors and French doors.

We know your home is a valuable asset, so our installations are completed by our own professional installation employees, not subs or piece work pick-ups. We treat your home as if  it were our own. After all, you're our neighbors.

If you're a home owner in Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar or Laguna beach, and want to enhance your home with these beautiful windows and doors, dial one 888-831-2001 for a free in-home consultation. If you prefer, click here to email us. You will receive professional, expert advice and recommendations, without obligation or a high pressure sales pitch. If you are a do-it-yourself person or a contractor who does not require us to install, bring in your sizes and configurations for contractor pricing.

Setting the Standard

Did you ever save cereal box tops, mail them in with great anticipation, only to receive a trinket that didn’t come close to your expectations? Most of us learned about disappointment at an early age. The description on the box of caramel corn and peanuts made it look bigger than life. But upon opening it, we would usually say something like; "If I were the owner, I would make them look just like the picture."

installing a door-frame

"If you aim at nothing, you’re bound to hit it." Since no one likes disappointment, many people simply lower their expectations. However, there are others like the Conkle boys who said, "If I were the owner, I would make it look just like the picture." That commitment has made California Window & Solar a successful family operated business. While some companies strive to meet the standard, California Glass & Window sets the standard.

"If you get too big for your britches, you’ll tear them." As a family business, becoming a "mega company" is not our goal. Our goal is to make sure our customers expectations are met or exceeded. We do that by providing high quality windows and doors at competitive prices, taking pride in the workmanship of our installation, and just good old fashion communication. In a mega company, the salesman with whom you met may never see the installers, and those promised details are left undone. There is no substitute for communication.

"I’m doing this for your own good." When you call California Window & Solar for an estimate, our consultant meets with you to determine which window best meets your needs and budget. He then gives you a written quotation and explains the details of how the windows and doors are installed without messy stucco damage. But that’s not the end of his job. He personally briefs our installers on all the details he discussed with you. Why? Because we want it to look just like the picture.

"It’s worth doing right if it’s worth doing at all." Dad came from the old school and our European heritage shows up in our workmanship. Dad was always working with his hands. He even built his own gyro-copter and flew it in air shows across the country. No wonder he taught us to take pride in our work and do things right the first time. Dad’s life depended on the quality of his work.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the taste of a sweet deal is gone." No matter how sweet the price, you'll not be happy with even the best window if it is installed poorly. Replacement windows and doors are designed to upgrade and beautify your home. Because they are guaranteed to last a lifetime (request a copy for your reveiw), it is important to select the correct options. High performance SunCoatMAX, LowE-2 or LowE-3 double pane windows can reduce your energy use as well as the outside noise intruding your home. The glass can be V-grooved, beveled, or leaded for elegance. Sculptured grids can be added for a more traditional look. But whatever your style and budget, California Window & Solar provides award winning White Glove Installation on every job at no extra cost.

So just why do so many people open our doors and windows? Is it the quality products from top brand manufacturers like Milgard Windows & Doors, Ply Gem Windows, IWC, Norman Shutters or Sun Edison Solar products? Is it our highly competitive prices? Is it our award winning White Glove Installation? Those are just some of the reasons so many people want to open our doors and windows, customer satisfaction is the lasting result!

California Window & Solar

is Proud of its Credentials


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California State Licensed Contractor

License #508502


InstallationMasters Certified

AAMA InstallationMasters™ Certified

At California Window our installers possess decades of experience.  Our value-add includes sending them to AAMA InstallationMasters™ Institute, which upon certification, allows each of our employees to consistently provide you with professional installations.

AAMA InstallationMasters™, prompted through the U.S. Department of Energy and the development by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), is a nationwide training and certifications program for new construction and replacement installers of windows.

bbb rating

A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau is legendary for the high principles on which it is founded.  Because California Window & Solar operates on these same principles, we have earned and maintained a trustworthy A+ Rating with the BBB.

EPA Lead Safe Certified

EPA Lead Safe Certified

Window replacements in pre-1978 homes require that EPA approved lead safe standards be followed.  The health and safety of your family is important to us.  EPA Certification is one more reason you can trust your home to California Window & Solar.

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CA Contractor Lic #508502 - Since 1987

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